Frequently Asked Questions

Who we are?

MidEast Christian News (MCN) is the first professional news agency that covers events concerning Christian minorities in the Middle East.

What we do?

We provide news wires, reports and interviews of events concerning or potentially affecting Christians in the Middle East.

Is MCN funded by any religious or political organization?

No we are not.

Does MCN formulate the news to seem more sympathetic with the Christian side?

No,we are a professional news agency; we report the news without any religious or political biases. News we provide are hard cold facts with supported material.

Why was MCN founded?

Local media never tell the truth about this state of affairs, they either hide or distort the realities. For various reasons, western media also fail to report on the situation of Christian communities in the Middle East. The goal of this news service will be to fill this gap.

Who is the target audience of MCN?

Any person or organization interested in gaining better understanding of demographical, political, social insight into this segment and how it is affected, reacts, and interacts in a geographical area that is full of instability.

Is MCN a free service?

MCN is not a free service. It is offered for an annual subscription. To subscribe to our service please send an email to and one of our representatives will contact you. You will receive a price quote and an invoice will be sent to you with the amount.

For other questions please fill this form and for serious enquiries please include your contact information in the body so we may get back to you if our time permits.

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