News Files : Religious parties in Egypt
MCN Legal experts: Egyptian Education Minister's mistakes in Mariam's case require accountability MCN Exclusive: Sheikh Abdullah Nasr: with 700k signatures, “No for religious parties” campaign authorizes people to dissolve religious parties
MCN Dissident jihadist: Nour Party employed ‘No to Religious Parties’ campaign in its favor MCN Egyptian writer: Salafist parties master coining fataws to oppress and humiliate Christians
MCN Egyptian political parties: ‘No to Religious Parties’ campaign highlights seriousness of exploiting religion in politics MCN TV Egyptian presenter Abdul Rahim Ali: Salafist control over next parliament will root Islamic State ideals
MCN Founder of Civil Egypt Movement: Salafi discourse characterized by extreme sectarianism MCN Journalist: Nour Party contradicts self by disbelieving Copts while accepting them as members
MCN Ibrahim Eissa: Religious parties 'Takfiri' and terrorist groups MCN Egyptian journalist: If Salafists win next parliament will be "most dangerous"
MCN Egyptian Journalist: We should put an end to presence of religious parties MCN Muslim preacher: Salafi Nour Party more malicious than Brotherhood
MCN Lawsuit urges Supreme Electoral Commission to reject Nour Party candidates for parliament MCN Farahat: Muslim Brotherhood, Salafists use religious slogans to disguise sabotage
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